Training and Organizational Development


Customized blendede training designs

Customized blended training designs

Training & facilitation delivery

Training & facilitation delivery

Consulting services

Consulting services: Employee engagement & inclusion, innovative culture, diversity/cultural competence, organizational development

Project management

Project management

Writing Services

Writing services:
Proposals, processes & procedures, copy

Fun & Games

Fun & Games (Murder Mysteries or Scavenger Hunts) for staff meetings & retreats

Thinking Skills & Innovation for the 21st Century: Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Scenario planning, Creating an innovative workplace

Employee Engagement, Leadership & Organizational Development (OD): Appreciative Inquiry, Project management, Strategic planning, Engaging employees, Supervisory skills

Cultural Competence: Introduction to Cultural Competence, Introduction to the CLAS standards in healthcare: Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (U.S. Dept of Health)

Diversity Awareness: Religious, Racial/ethnic, Gender, Generational, Physical disability/ability, GLBT, Harrassment

Soft Skills & Customer Service: Interpersonal skills, Civility, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, The Gift of Listening, Assisting upset customers, Stress management

Written & Verbal Communications: Business writing and grammar, Basic technical writing, Presentations as performance art, Improvisation

Communications Skills: Empathy, Listening, Improvisation, Business writing & grammar, Basic technical writing, Presentations as performance art

Professional Development: Career development, Job-seeking tools

Fun & Games: Murder Mystery team-building events, Scavenger hunts (customized)

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