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How to Conduct an Appreciative Inquiry: Building on Your Organization’s Strengths as Your Own Consultant

Too often, organizational change approaches begin with an eye towards “problem” solving: looking for what’s not working and what or who is to blame.  Such efforts often raise defensiveness and increase anxiety about potential change.  Employee resistance often dooms even the best-intentioned change initiatives.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a methodology that asserts that whatever you want more of already exists in organizations, and, if fostered and built upon, little room is left for unconstructive practices.  The data gathered through this simple and effective methodology provides invaluable information, insights, and enthusiasm for your strategic planning through a process that engages everyone in the organizational strengthening initiatives that emerge.

Our workshop will walk you through the AI methodology: 1) Creating your overall plan and timeline; 2) Training staff or volunteers to conduct interviews; 3) Compiling and preparing the data; 4) and Structuring your ensuing planning retreats and processes.

An AI program can be especially helpful to smaller non-profits and volunteer associations that typically lack resources to hire organizational development consultants to guide strategic planning and organizational change initiatives.

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