Veronica Froelich Adams

Riding the Wave Training & Development (RTW) was created and launched by Veronica Adams.  She serves as the lead VAdams TAG croppedinstructional designer, trainer and consultant, and based on clients’ needs, she relishes opportunities to partner with a variety of other talented training, performance improvement, and organizational development (OD) professionals who bring a wide range of expertise.

Innovative Instructional Design Approach:  She is deeply committed to integrity, quality, and to successfully serving her clients’ immediate training and workplace development needs.  She prefers to design highly blended training programs that integrate a range of creative instructional methodologies (instructor-led and computer-based/e-learning with m-learning, podcasts, webinars, peer-led, competitions,
and action learning) learner self-pacing, and that engage adult learners by being both challenging to their critical thinking skills and enjoyable.  When it comes to "out of the box" thinking, she's been heard to say "–What box?!?"

Organizational Development Philosophy:  Veronica enjoys opportunities to work with organizations that are looking for innovative ways to become a) employers of choice and b) more effective in achieving their missions and improving their bottom lines.  She believes the best way to get there is through applying workplace values and systems that support the innate talents, intelligence, and ideas of the people within organizations through inclusion, which brings greater engagement, which results in continuous improvement and innovation.

One of the biggest factors contributing to employee dissatisfaction, under-engagement, and turnover is that far too many employees feel their ideas and input are not valued.  The costs of not including staff at the table has always been very high — and going forward, it will increasingly be a matter of survival.  In order to be innovative, leaders and managers must become committed to creating cultures that support it.  This is where Ms. Adams brings a particularly valuable lens, background, and abilities.

Background:  Veronica's work draws upon a rich and varied background in organizational development, hospitality management, nonprofit administration, community ministry and chaplaincy, and theater arts.  Her education includes a BFA in Theater from the University of Detroit/Mercy; a Master of Divinity from Harvard University; and masters work in Organizational Development from Johns Hopkins University.  An end result of her collective experiences has provided her with keen insights into what inspires and motivates employees.



Riding the wave team members with surfboard in beach ware.

Riding the Wave-
–What's in a Name?

At Riding the Wave, our philosophy is based upon the belief that there is only one constant, unchanging thing in the human realm — and that is the existence of change itself.

When we make peace with the inevitability of The Way (Wu Wei) of change, instead of diffusing our energy in vain attempts to swim against the current and resist it, and by looking deeply within and feeding our own sources of strength –we become free to use the energy of The Way to move us along… and allow it to foster our own positive transformations along the way.

Especially in these tumultuous days of "white water change," we can learn to navigate upon these waves with confidence and the rediscovered joy and creativity of an adventurer!

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