Sample Client List & Accolades:

  • Cook Ross: VISA, Toyota, Bristol-Meyers Squidd, PVH, Nielsen, Moody's: Diversity & Inclusion: TGeorge Washington University civility ILT; Maryland General Hospital cultural competence ILT; SIRIUS XM Radio focus groups
  • Center for Creative Leadership: Women's Leadership Program curriculum evaluation white paper
  • TAG Consulting for FAA (Federal Aviation Administration): Designed EPSS (Employee Performance Support System)
  • KAI for CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau):  Rollouts of Employee Resource Group, Mentoring Bank, and Diversity & Inclusion Council of Employees programs for Office of Minorities & Women's Inclusion
  • Accenture: Technology Growth Platform executive training support
  • Service Master: Disaster Recovery Resource Manager ILT
  • Management Concepts: US Veteran's Administration cultural competence/diversity ILT
  • ICATT Consulting & Microsystems Automation Group: Lead ID, author, and manager for military's TAP Redesign proposal for US Depts of Labor & Defense (one of two finalists); Lead ID, editor, and design quality consultant for launch
  • Bravo Health: Medicare Advantage call center CBT & ILT: soft skills, policies, & protocols
  • Hemsley-Fraser: US Departments of Treasury & AID HRIS implementation ILT

Additional clients:

  • The Marie Group: Bank of America loan modification ILT
  • Read, Write Technologies: Royal Dutch Shell off-short oil platform well integrity & safety CBT
  • Cara Parker Consulting: American Council of Education Career Development ILT
  • Adoptions Together: Cultural Competence ILT
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals, Creative thinking ILT & team-building
  • Virginia Dept. of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services: Interfaith cultural competence
  • Accenture: Executive training CBT
  • Unitarian Universalist Association JPD District and congregations: Diversity and values messaging ILT
  • Team-building:  Glenmore Country Club; Sunrise Senior Living; AOL
  • Strategic Planning, Board & Marketing Consulting:  Freshfields, Cafe de la Paz, Junior Appalacian Musicians, The American Tribal Project, Coptic Orphans


Civility Training Instructor-led Training (ILT) Design

Veronica is a consummate professional. A great instructional designer and trainer, she works very hard to understand the needs of the client and deliver an innovative and workable instructional design. She brings a creative lens, and a good experiential base to her designs. Veronica is easy to work with, and delivers her work on time. I highly recommend Veronica for your design and delivery needs.

Top qualities: On Time, High Integrity, Creative
Leslie Traub, Chairman & Chief Consultant, Cook Ross, Inc., 2011

Professional Development ILT Design

Veronica developed a career development workshop for my organization, CPC. I provided an overall outline and requirements and from there, she gathered material and made recommendations on content. She presented information to make the ½-day workshops engaging, fun, and educational for the customer. One of Veronica's biggest attributes is her creativity for presenting information.

                                                Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Cara Parker, Principal, Cara Parker Consulting, 2009


Creativity Programs Design & Delivery

“The Care & Feeding of Creativity in Instructional Design” Webinar:

Veronica Adams shaking hands and presenting cocoanut brazzier to smiling woman at business women's conference.

By far, Veronica's most valuable asset is her ability to "think out of the box."  I know we often say that about people who are creative, but she really can push the envelope and arrive at workable solutions that inspire people to learn.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Cheryl Johnson, ISD with Read Write Technologies, Inc.
Hired Veronica as an ID in 2010, more than once, 2010

Recently, I attended Veronica's webinar titled "The Care and Feeding of Creativity in Instructional Design," sponsored by the DC Metro chapter of ASTD. The session was very well attended, which I believe demonstrates the importance of Veronica's topic. She overcame minor technical difficulties with the webinar tool, and did a great job of presenting ideas for activities that moved beyond standard curriculum models. She included links to useful online references addressing creativity and brainstorming — I bookmarked them for my later use. She also helped the attendees generate their own creative ideas via brainstorming exercises. I would recommend Veronica as a great resource for organizations in search of fresh instructional ideas.

Robert Robles, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton, 2010

 “Presentations As Performance Art” Design & Delivery

Sister Mary

I regularly give 401(k) presentations that last for an hour and require that I review 55 slides of information, many of which I omit primarily because of the bore factor, but also due to time constraints.  By attending your workshop, I learned how to add humor and other techniques to spice up my presentations. Doing so has increased the interactivity and attention level of my audiences tremendously and even though I have the same number of slides to present, the time seems to go by much faster since I've implemented what I learned at your workshop.

Carmen Dazi, Trainer, 2007

I learned so much from Veronica's programs on creative presentations.  Her team building retreats are an excellent way to get staff focused on a company's mission and values.

Katie Lafferty-Garlock, Owner, Portraitions, 2009

Diversity & Inclusion and Cultural Competence Design & Delivery

Design/Classroom Facilitation

Veronica did a great job developing a training for the DBHDS Statewide Cultural and Linguistic Competence Steering Committee.  She had very little time in which to develop the training and was very helpful, creative, and timely.  I was very happy with her work.  She has a great understanding of the foundations and principles of cultural competence and diversity.”

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, Creative
Cecily Rodriguez, hired Veronica as a Trainer in 2011

I just read through the 30-40 training evaluations that were completed by the Health Services personnel who attended the training that Veronica Adams delivered on cultural diversity earlier this week.  I was so pleased to see how positive everyone was in expressing their appreciation both for the training but also for the quality of training that Veronica delivered.  So many of the comments included requests for more of that kind of training as well as how much value was experienced through the interactive elements that Veronica laced through the entire program.  Clearly the overwhelming response was that they loved it.

I appreciate so much the work that Veronica did to prepare and deliver this level of quality in what is likely our company’s first internally developed training on this topic.  Veronica also took the time make sure that this was developed in a way which could easily be leveraged in other areas of our company.  This is such a great offering that many will benefit from and hopefully one which will eventually help shape our own culture towards a greater appreciation for the diversity of our members and providers.

Tom Sanco, VP of Training & Development, Bravo Health, 2009

Great workshop leader on racial diversity topic. Have been to several different workshops that she led in different environments (large audience to small group), using different formats and materials.  All were very valuable.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Joyce Dowling, hired Veronica as a Workshop Leader in 2007, more than once, 2008

 I am a sixty-five year old white male born in the U.S.  I have always acted on my liberal views about race, including several multi-year projects designed to reduce race related injustice.

…And, Veronica gave me valuable ideas and approaches as to what I can do to redress some of my conditioning and be a better ally to and learn more from my friends of color.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who understands the importance of healthy race relations in our world and wishes to work for change.

John Knight, Consultant, 2006

Call Center Training Design & Delivery

Call Tracker Process Training Series, 7/09

Veronica worked with my department to create a training program for Customer Service Representatives concerning the billing for our Medicare members. Veronica surveyed the calls and determined which ones caused the greatest volume. She then created the training program and initiated with the reps. She also developed a test to make sure the reps understood how to handle the calls. The result of this was 80% of the billing calls are now handled as first resolution and has reduced the number of complaints from our members.

I have learned that Customer Service has reduced the number of Call Trackers sent to Accounts Receivable from a high of 585 in June to just 21 for the month, as of August 10th!

Charlie Griffith, Accounts Receivable Manager, Bravo Health, 2009

 Veronica was very easy and pleasant to work with and picked up new (and sometimes complex) information about my department quickly. I worked directly with her and a Team Lead from the Customer Service department so she could develop training sessions for the Customer Service Department (Call Center). The meetings with her were very efficient. Once she implemented the new training, my department saw immediate, positive results. The number of misdirected call trackers that we once received had dramatically decreased as a result of her dedication.

Theresa Hayden, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Bravo Health, 2009


Murder Mystery Team-Building Events

Thank you for providing our senior HR staff with a wonderful team-building event.  The murder mystery brought a great sense of humor, lightness, and camaraderie that provided a wonderful balance to our strategic planning work.   It is a highlight that all will surely remember for a long time to come.Murder Mystery participants in costume in character and appearing very high class.

Corrine Abramson, HR Director
Sunrise Senior Living

I contacted Veronica after a client called me for a creative team-building session and she really delivered. Her Murder Mystery was a huge hit! I got rave reviews from my client and the participants. She made us both look good!

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Sharon Armstrong, Sharon Armstrong Associates
hired Veronica as a Trainer in 2007, more than once
October 19, 2008

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