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Our Wonderful Imaginations… So Close At Hand

After talking with Jennifer Blaine's "Dr. Amir" in the previously posted podcast, it occurred to me that I'd like to explore creativity in various cultural contexts.  Such an undertaking may have to evolve over time.  In the meantime, a friend following this blog forwarded me photos of these amazing feats of imagination and artistry that capture iconic images from around the world. 

These photos remind me that there are so very many things right in front of our eyes that we only see in limited, utilitarian (convergent) fashion — until someone else's mind's eye helps us to see them for some of the other wonderful possibilities that they possess.  Even if it sometimes takes an ad agency to remind me of this, in cases such as these, I am just grateful.

Bahamas ATT

   Costa Rica ATT

  Mexico Chilies ATT
Netherlands ATT





India ATT China Dragon ATT
Canada ATT

  England ATT




Paraguay ATT


















Norway ATT

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